Three marketing campaigns I’m loving right now – and what we can learn from them

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A short but sweet intro to this blog post as I’ll let the content do the talking. I’ve picked three campaigns that I’m really loving at the moment and shared what I think makes them great. From bouncing boobs to penguin retirement, there’s a lot we can learn from these campaigns…

Campaign one: This Girl Can - Me again

I’ve pretty much loved everything from the This Girl Can campaign. As a complete exercise-a-phobe (it’s a thing, honest) it’s empowering to see women of all shapes and sizes being healthy their way. And it definitely makes me feel more inspired to move my own backside. It’s no surprise then that I’m absolutely in love with the latest video offering. Gloriously sweaty bodies, a visible tampon string, an awesome breastfeeding mum. It shouldn’t be revolutionary but sadly, even in 2020, these things are so rarely shown or talked about publicly. This is real life and real bodies and we should celebrate them. Well done to the team behind this for leading the way.

Key learning point:

This Girl Can really was trailblazing when it first launched and it continues to break down barriers by showing real life in all its glory. Don’t be afraid to try new things and challenge the norms of what we expect to see in mainstream media. The ‘perfect’ version isn’t always the most relatable or appealing.

Campaign two: M&S - Start a love affair with denim

I may be a teeny tiny bit biased with this campaign as I’m a big M&S fan. If you’d have told me 10 years ago that I’d largely be dressed head to foot in M&S clothing every day, I’d have laughed – but I’m now ‘of a certain age’ and definitely in their key demographic 😳. I also love their jeans so their new denim campaign definitely speaks to me.

Putting my ‘marketing head’ on for this one, it’s not just the quality of their pants that appeals – it’s their confidence in knowing what they do well and really focusing their marketing efforts on that. The advert is full of energy, showcases the product and gets us toe-tapping with an awesome soundtrack (is that me showing my age again?).  The use of the outdoor location also subtly reinforces their sustainability message.

Key learning point:

M&S know they do great denim and they are not afraid to show that in their advertising. Their confidence gives me confidence as a consumer. Take the time to define your USP and make sure that it is at the heart of all your marketing messages. If you try to talk about absolutely everything you do or sell you risk losing impact.

Campaign three: British Gas – here to solve ‘Bathroom’

The latest campaign from British Gas sees us say a fond farewell to Wilbur the Penguin, the company’s brand mascot for five years. While tears might have been shed at Radwood HQ (he’s just so cute!), I think this is a great move for them as their new direction focuses firmly on their customers. Their new video shows a family in various situations that rely on warm water, really hammering home the importance of British Gas’ services to everyday life. The ‘point-of-view’ filming also puts the focus on the customer’s experience. Great to see from a big energy company.

Key learning point:

Perhaps the most important lesson in all of these examples – really think about your audience and put yourselves in their shoes. British Gas do this brilliantly here. As marketing director, Jill Dougan, points out ‘When your boiler breaks down you don’t need a penguin, you need one of our engineers.’ Understanding your customer, their motivations and their pain points is key to building a successful campaign.

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